Forum Copenhagen, Spring 2020

2018 Features and seminars

Martin Tamke - KADK

Textile Behavior for Architecture – CITA

Textiles seize new areas of applications in architecture through advances in digital design, fabrication and material science. The rapid development on the side of textiles meets an architectural profession, where digital design and interfaces become the core of the business. The research at CITA shows modes to combine these two developments and use novel textiles for higher performing, more sustainable architecture. The lecture exemplifies the new textile potentials with the contribution of CITA to this year Architectural Biennale in Venice. The installation Isoropia demonstrates how bespoke textiles can operate in architectural scale and shows how interdisciplinary collaboration in design, planning and manufacturing allows architects to engage in new spatial and material expressions.

18_Hybrid Tower_Knit structures.jpg
25_Hybrid Tower_interiour day 03.jpg
CNC Knit-DSC_0147a.jpg
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