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Dissolved into the fabric by Isabel Berglund

Dissolved into the fabric by Isabel Berglund

Large hand-knit textile sculpture with large and small stitches and added lengths of waxed cotton string. Mounted on an interior frame of hand-bent metal. Colour range yellow, dark blue and chalk white.

‘Dissolved into the fabric’ focuses on the textures and form that result from decay, a reflection of lived life. Forms and colours dissolve, and new forms and surfaces arise in a continuous transformation from one state to another before the object eventually dissolves and reverts to the natural form of the inherent material. Another theme is the contrast between the taut constructed form to the natural drape and weight of the material itself. The knitting is allowed to transition from a more controlled expression, achieved with a mix of large and small stitches, to a loose, unrestrained form spilling over the floor. Engaging in a dialogue with the forms and textures of the San Simpliciano Cloister, the colours are inspired by frescos, midnight mass and the open midnight sky. The waxed cotton string contains a subtle reference to the many candles burning in the church, and the form expression of the sculpture echoes the pillars and arches framing the cloister as well as the life that has unfolded here, with added references to bird wings and nun’s veils.


Isabel Berglund 
Textile artist, b. 1971

Isabel Berglund creates surprising, imaginative and often monumental works in hand-knit yarn. With this choice of artistic medium she reaches out to her audience with a familiar material and traditional techniques. In her artistic process, however, she transforms the traditional craft to create unusual, and often spectacular, objects to convey a symbolic image and to challenge our perception of reality. She combines elements from knitting with features from art and industrial design, adding deliberate twists in meaning. Her works have a sensuous, tactile character that invites people to reach out and interact with the objects. Throughout her artistic practice, her main themes are identity and surfaces, with the relationship between body and artwork as a key element. Her main source of inspiration is everyday life, people, words and objects, and she often rephrases and recasts mundane objects by combining them with a play on words or a novel conceptual framework.


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