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2022 Features and seminars

Wednesday 7 September 2022

15:15 - 15:45

Jacques Chevrant

Leverage: shared knowledge for a collective future

The built environment is facing considerable disruption, not only here in Denmark but in Europe and across the world. BR23 will drastically affect the way we practice, with the architectural product soon to be qualified by its environmental footprint (kgCO2eq/m2). Ambitious environmental pledges implicate a number of industries, yet with architecture and construction amounting for 40% of GHG emissions globally (UNEP, 2020) the implications of material specification are of increasing consequence. We accumulate a vast amount of material knowledge over time, yet we continue to operate as silos, furthering the individual as opposed to the collective.

Together, we’ll explore a potential opportunity through which the architect and material manufacturer can meaningfully contribute towards the reduction of our industry’s considerable environmental impact.

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