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Paving New Paths with Interior Designer Joanna Laajisto

9 February 2021

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is that producers and designers communicate closely. By collaborating with interior designer Joanna Laajisto, Timberwise paved new paths. Punos, a new floor model that will be launched in February, is the result of this close collaboration. The floor brings some of the core values of interior designer Joanna Laajisto and its producer Timberwise together: functionality, quality and aesthetics.


Timberwise cooperated with the Interior Designer Joanna Laajisto and created the new floor model, Punos.


“Timberwise represents the quality and expertise we want to deliver and recommend to our customers. It was a perfect match,” Joanna enthuses. The idea for her design stems from the customers' needs of her design company Studio Joanna Laajisto. Their increasing interest in quality flooring spurred Joanna to create a new design floor model. She focused on a classical model that suits different types of interiors from 1960s row houses to century-old period homes.


Punos is available in the dimensions 1050 x 1050 mm and has a thickness of 14mm.


The product arose as a natural continuum from her customers' needs. Punos may have been her first ever floor model, yet already the first design was so functional it required no adjustments. A contributing factor was that Joanna was well versed with the Timberwise collection after Studio Joanna Laajisto had previously designed the company’s Helsinki showroom.


Timberwise always produces its products without any added formaldehyde, including the new floor model.


As a designer, Joanna effortlessly created a model that is not only stunning to look at but convenient and ecological to produce. The dimensions of the model made from oak, ash or larch are an ideal fit for the width of Timberwise floorboards.


Oak, ash and larch floor are available with sanded surface and in 13 tones. In the picture: Oak Design


Timberwise from Loimaa, Finland, has always focused on producing high-end wooden floors and good design from sustainable materials. All wood used by Timberwise comes from PEFC and FSC-certified forests. The company recycles the waste and by-products created in the production and uses solar panels for the energy. Twise by Timberwise products are the ultimatum of recycling (or upcycling) the materials left over from installation or production.



Credits for all the pictures: Mikko Ryhänen

Paving New Paths with Interior Designer Joanna Laajisto
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