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Keeping Up with the Speed of Innovation

9 March 2021

The needs of today’s world of interior architecture are continuously evolving with a flurry of trends pointing the industry in altering directions. However, permeating all these ideas, directions and references, there is one element that forever seems to remain constant: a desire for architectural finishes that are at once easy to implement in a project while exuding an elegant and refined sentiment.


Striking the balance between the two can be troublesome with easy solutions often compromising on quality while the aesthetically pleasing ones often come with a certain degree of complexity attached.



The Ductile® material is a new take on archetypal ceramic tiles: an innovation in the application of ceramic products in construction. 


Livingceramics has found a solution to this problem and has created Ductile® - a new ceramic material, innovative and easy in the application of ceramic products in construction while maintaining the same characteristics of similar products on the market. 


Thanks to its composition, surface tensions are avoided, which makes way for fast and clean cuts. 

Active for many years in the sector, Livingceramics offers a new ceramic material, that thanks to a special chemical formula, has a thickness of just 6 millimeters. This makes it easy to precision cut or drill the tiles for the use of ceramic products in construction. Further Ductile® material can be used with standard drill bits, cutting discs and less complex tile adhesives. As a result, not only the construction-related costs when laying tiles are lowered but also more time is saved in the building phase.


Along with economical savings, the lighter weight of the ceramic material contributes to a positive environmental impact, reducing emissions in both the manufacturing and transport stage. 


The slab is offered in a range of elegant and contemporary textures.

The Ductile® material consists of wall slabs with large sizes up to 60 x 120 and 90 x 270. These are offered with a wide selection of different finishes. Architects can in that way implement this ceramic material, whether it be a hotel bathroom, residential kitchen refurbishment, a downtown restaurant or the welcoming lobby of workplace. 

Livingceramics' endeavour to revolutionize its production of large-format tiles was noticed by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation & Industries, who rewarded the company's efforts in the fields of R&D and Innovation. 

Written by Nikolaj Hansson


Credits for all the pictures: © Livingceramics 

Keeping Up with the Speed of Innovation
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