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9 March 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that a high percentage of the world’s population has spent most of 2020 confined to their homes which have become hubs for work, exercise and education as well as leisure. Design and technology have driven new innovations that support the evolution of the home into a clean, safe and sustainable space with an integrated, digital ecosystem. The Future of Home Trend Report, produced by the Swedish lift manufacturer Aritco and the innovation platform and forecaster, Springwise, analyzes what kind of innovations and technologies will support this evolution. One of these innovations and technologies will be a new smart hardware system that will keep our digital ecosystem and personal data safe from hackers and fraudsters.


The Future of Home Trend Report, which is downloadable from Aritco's website, questions how an evolving home ecosystem can stay healthy and connected: how can we maintain meaningful connections with the outside world while integrating work, shopping and healthcare into daily home life?


Since innovation has been at the core of Aritco’s values, the research and development team at the company has been working hard integrating some of these smart home innovations, too.


In 2016, the design team at Aritco turned its attention to the domestic setting and launched the Aritco HomeLift, taking residential accessibility to a new level. This launch came with a SmartLift app, that could adjust the colour of the lighting in the lift to create different moods and a SmartSafety System with child locks, an alarm button and battery-operated backup in case of power failure. Designed as a customisable piece of furniture that can be retrofitted into almost any home, the Aritco HomeLift went on to win a Red Dot Product Award in 2017 and a Gold Medal at the European Product Design Awards. It was also nominated for the Best Domestic Design category at the Wallpaper* Design Awards, was named a finalist in the Stora Design Priset (Great Design Prize) 2017 and was one of five finalists for the Grand Award of Design by Teknikföretagen and Svensk Form.


The SmartLift app, that came with the launch of the Aritco HomeLift, is one of the high-tech products of Aritco.

Another innovation, that was driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, was the use of antibacterial UV light into the design of both their public and commercial lifts, as well as the home lifts, to adapt to this “new normal”.


An example of the Aritco PublicLift Access, designed for public and commercial buildings.


Over the years, Aritco has revolutionized the lift industry with a simple idea – opening up spaces for everyone by improving mobility everywhere and blending efficiency with aesthetics. Artico calls it “Next Level Living”. The design of the lifts is based on the company’s focus on Scandinavian design, smartfunctionality and safety. As a result, these lifts can be installed not only in private homes, schools and offices but also in retail stores.

Credits for all the pictures: © Aritco

Next Level Living
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