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Stopping Moist at the Doorstep

14 September 2021

When climate change brings more rain and moisture to your door, you will want one that does not rot or rust.


Close your eyes and think “Norway”. Chances are that you will picture not only beautiful fiords and mountains, but also rain and snow, and lots of it. The country’s Atlantic coastline is one of the wettest non-tropic areas in the world. Situated in the North-western town of Surnadal, the people who manufactures doors at Kvanne Industrier can probably tell you a thing or two about moisture.

For example, that it destroys wood, even inside your house. It is true that Norwegians, as all Scandinavians, love wood. They build their houses with it. They fill their houses with it. However, some conditions are just too challenging for wood as a material. Moisture makes wood fibres swell, or rot.


The KIAS doors come in several different sizes, colours and designs.
© Photo: Kvanne Industrier 


This is the very reason the Surnadal manufacturer has come up with a door that resists moisture. KIAS doors come in different surfaces, colours, frame designs and measurements, depending on the customers’ needs, but they are all made from glass fibre reinforced plastic panels, filled with PUR or mineral wool, and framed by Norwegian aluminium. Hinges and lock sets are made from compatible rust-free quality steels.

Together this makes for a highly sustainable product, according to Kvanne Industrier. How can this be, you may ask? The answer lies in the frame. Not the door frame, but the time frame. Replacing worn down or moist damaged doors every so often, sometimes only in a few months, is bad not only for the customer but also our climate. It generates waste and causes emissions from the production and transportation of new doors.


KIAS doors keep the rain and snow outside in this public rest-room located in a mountainous part of the country.
© Photo: Kvanne Industrier 


Kvanne Industrier are in fact so confident about the durability of their doors that they offer an industry-leading 30-year-guarantee against moisture and rot damage to their standard doors. During this time the door is easy to keep hygienic and requires very little maintenance. When the door has finally reached the end of its lifetime, the manufacturer even offers a return service for its customers. The old KIAS doors are either reused, recycled or disposed of, with minimal impact to the environment.


You can find KIAS doors typically in sports facilities, kitchens, hospitals, land and sea farms, and food industry buildings, but even hotels and office builders are now installing them in their bathrooms or other wet or otherwise rough areas. 



Rud svømmehall, a brand new public pool in Bærum, sports KIAS doors.
© Photo:

Written by Henning Prytz Poulsen / Pressenytt

Stopping Moist at the Doorstep
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