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Designing the Perfect Bathroom

GSI Ceramica

23 August 2022

Standing on the shoulders of more than 2500 years’ worth of ceramic history, GSI Ceramica combine tradition with cutting-edge technology, sustainability and human insight to stay ahead of the curve.

In the Civita Castellana district they have been making ceramics since pre-history. The Falisci, an ancient Italic people, were already experts in the art of pottery when Rome’s mythological founders Romulus and Remus were still being suckled by the she-wolf. It was only fitting that, centuries later, Civita Castellana would be dubbed Italy’s most important ceramics hub.


As one of the leading manufacturers in the district for the past 30 years, GSI Ceramica’s vision has always been to marry traditional Italian craftsmanship with the latest in technology and innovation. They have positioned themselves as a producer of award-winning washbasins, WC’s, bidets, shower trays and other products for the bathroom, while at the same time striving to create a safe and healthy workplace and reducing the impact on the environment. Energy use is minimized, and largely comes from renewable sources. Wastewater is recovered and returned to the production cycle. Heat from the production process is recovered.


Design blogger Niki Brantmark built this tiny holiday home in the south of Sweden. 


Keeping up with the times, GSI has not been afraid to venture into the Social Media sphere. A few years ago, the Civita Castellana manufacturer partnered with Niki Brantmark, the author of the popular Swedish interior design blog My Scandinavian Home. When she and her husband decided to build a tiny holiday house for their family of four, their super-efficient and compact bathroom was furnished with products from GSI.


Floor plan for Niki Brantmark’s holiday retreat.


For those staying in the “Komplementsbostad”, nature is always on the doorstep. 


Looking for a suitable cabinet that wouldn’t fill the entire room, Brantmark ended up installing the sleek and narrow Prisma cabinet from GSI’s Wood Elements collection. Furthermore, she chose a wall-hung washbasin, the Kube X model, which helps make the 3.6 m² room feel more spacious and less cluttered. The same logic informed the choice of the Kube X wc, which is also wall-hung.


A wall-hung washbasin, the matt white Kube X 60x47 from GSI’s Color Elements collection, makes an elegant centerpiece in the space-efficient bathroom.


With the latter comes one of GSI’s latest innovations that combats stains and lime scale residues on the inside of the toilet. The hydraulic parts are covered with a glossy antibacterial coating, minimizing stains and maximizing hygiene. The celebrated DualGlaze+ technology has recently been awarded the prestigious Plus X Award for best product of 2022 in the categories Innovation, High Quality, Design and Functionality – as well as the Plus X Best Brand of the Year.


The Kube X wall-hung WC from GSI’s Color Elements Collection brings all the comforts of a modern bathroom to the tiny holiday home. Niki Brantmark has chosen a matt white model with Swirlflush® drainage system and DualGlaze+.


All pictures: © My Scandinavian Blog

GSI dealer:


Written by Henning Prytz Poulsen / Pressenytt

Designing the Perfect Bathroom
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