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Change the Light, not the System


10 January 2023

Replacing the lighting system every time you need to brighten up the workspace is expensive, time-consuming and unsustainable. With a truly modular lighting system you can switch things around as you please.


Aren’t you fed up with them? Those odd ceiling fixtures that never quite give you the light you need and that permeates the room with a sickly yellow radiance.


Ever since 1989, the Italian producer DGA has been working to change the way we think about lighting. Their approach is a simple as it is brilliant: You should not be stuck with a rigid and unchangeable lighting system. You should be able to change the lighting as easily as you would change your shirt.


DGA’s solution consists of two separate lighting systems: Ariel and Saturno. Despite the obvious difference between the two – the former is a neat 40 mm across while the latter has a diameter of 55 mm – both share the same innovative product design DNA.


The Ariel and Saturno series feature the same design DNA with interchangeable parts. 


Modular systems

The systems are completely modular, with interchangeable parts that let you manipulate appearance, luminosity and functionality. Choose between trimmed or trimless, adjustable or fixed downlights as well as recessed or normal projectors.


Five different sized lenses let you adjust the lighting to the desired level throughout the workplace. The smallest 12° lens provides a narrow beam of light that expertly illuminates really tight spots, while the widest one, the 52° lens, really lights up those wide-open office spaces. Combining lenses with available filters provides 20 different light setting possibilities.


Five different lenses for all your workspace needs. 


You can alternate between five different decorative rings, ranging from satin gold to pitch-black, to help find the mood you are looking for. Furthermore, the outer body comes in eight tasteful colours, including warm white, beige grey and gothic cement.


Ariel downlights with different ring colours puts you in charge of the mood. 


Durable and energy efficient

The products are milled from solid metal bolts, which transfers heat away from the LED light source seven times more efficiently than typical alternatives in the market. All materials are recyclable, and both Ariel and Saturno come with a proven minimal light reduction throughout their life cycle.


Both systems are developed, manufactured and assembled at DGA’s impressive Florentine facilities, which ensures the highest level of quality control in every production stage. Being early LED pioneers, DGA has developed and patented miniaturised technology which ensures that the products are as neat and tidy as they are safe, efficient and energy saving.


The Ariel and Saturno lighting series are designed and produced in DGA’s state of the art factory in Florence, Italy.


In Scandinavia, DGA is represented by Nordic Safety Engineering, with more than 40 years of experience at the cutting edge of lighting technique. Right from the early days, the company understood the relationship between light and shadow in order to enhance the visual effect of an object, and has worked closely with designers and architects on several high profiled projects. In 2004, Nordic Safety Engineering was the first company to offer functional LED lighting products on the Norwegian market.


All pictures: © DGA


Change the Light, not the System
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