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Exposition A Material Transition by Natural Material Studio


“The pressures we exert on the planet have become so great that scientists are considering whether the Earth has entered an entirely new geological epoch: the Anthropocene, or the age of humans. It means that we are the first people to live in an age defined by human choice, in which the dominant risk to our survival is ourselves.”

- Achim Steiner, UNDP Administrator

To evolve and revolutionize as humans on this planet we see a huge need of a radical, material transition.To the truly regenerative, naturally and locally anchored resources available for us to live with. Larger movements within bio technology are returning us to nature, as the place we left at the start of industrialization. We can only speculate in how our relation to the material world will be, but we can design and build for a more paternalistic connection between human and nature.To do so, we have to acknowledge the importance of material perception - how we perceive, interact and relate to materials, especially the ones we do not yet have a long history with.

A Material Transition - An interactive installation by Natural Material Studio for ARCHITECT@WORK

Framed around the theme of ‘Natural Resources’ we have speculated on the concept of a material transition as an interactive and transformative installation. The installation is created with layers of biomaterials designed by Natural Material Studio based on local, natural resources from the rural landscape of Denmark: The coast, sea, forest, field and meadow. As you through the installation we hope to create an immersive and tactile experience that triggers a renewed reflection and re-connection with natural resources as a design material.


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