Forum Copenhagen

2022 Features and seminars

Mads Hulmose Wagner - MOE


Wood construction from a sustainability perspective

The construction industry has a major responsibility in reducing CO2 emission and meeting the targets of the Paris Agreement. Here, the use of wood and biomaterials as the primary material choices in our new buildings is one of the most important tools to reduce CO2 emission.

Svend Jacob Pedersen - SPACON & X


Creating unique spatial Identities with Local and limited volume materials

Being a design studio working primarily with spatial identity, we have seen over the past decade, how brands and companies are becoming increasingly conscious of the branding properties of physical spaces. 

Johanne Mose Entwistle - AART


Strategic tool for measuring and documenting social sustainability

Cities and buildings are powerful catalysts for creating tangible and measurable impacts for users, organisations and society as a whole. But how do we ensure maximum social sustainability? And how do we know we are achieving our goals?

Kristian Ahlmark - schmidt/hammer/lassen/architects/


Rocket&Tigerli, Winterthur, Schweiz

By 2026, the world’s tallest residential timber building with a load-bearing structure in wood will rise about the ridges in the Swiss city Winterthur.


Design & Plan