Forum Copenhagen

2022 Features and seminars

Dan Pham - Home.Earth


Presentation of new model for absolutely sustainable construction

Even with stricter climate requirements in building regulations, construction will continue to put a strain on the climate and the environment. What are the planet's limits? And how do we make sure we build in line with them?

Sonja Stockmarr - Henning Larsen


Building for Climate Change

As landscape architects, we work with natural resources daily. With climate change, we are busier than ever with a heightened awareness of the current state of resources and their limitations.

Jacques Chevrant


Leverage: shared knowledge for a collective future

The built environment is facing considerable disruption, not only here in Denmark but in Europe and across the world. BR23 will drastically affect the way we practice, with the architectural product soon to be qualified by its environmental footprint (kgCO2eq/m2). 

Ditte Lysgaard Vind - Lendager


Design in the Anthropocene Age: The role and tools of the architect

With a rapidly growing population and middle class, and at the same time rising temperatures and mass extinction of biodiversity, the problems are great and this places new demands on the architect.


Design & Plan