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11 January 2023

The 5th edition of our Danish event focused on an interesting theme for 2022: natural resources.

To evolve and revolutionize as humans on this planet we see a huge need of a radical, material transition.To the truly regenerative, naturally and locally anchored resources available for us to live with. Larger movements within bio technology are returning us to nature, as the place we left at the start of industrialization. We can only speculate in how our relation to the material world will be, but we can design and build for a more paternalistic connection between human and nature.

This interesting topic was flanked by a talks programme with key speakers from practices such as Henning Larsen, Spacon & X, AART and MOE. Captivating and inspirational talks all bearing sustainability in mind.

In just 2 days’ time the Architecture & Design community got to discover over 200 product innovations on display – all of which were meticulously selected by a jury of architects and interior designers.

A must see for everyone involved which resulted in enthusiastic reactions from both visitors and exhibitors.

Be sure to mark our 2024 edition in your agendas.

More information will be available soon!

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